Thanksgiving is right around the corner, but the weather does not look ideal for some as you celebrate the holiday this coming Thursday. Here are 5 things to watch this holiday week across the US.

Northeast Snow:

Two separate disturbances riding the jet stream will approach each other over the Northeast this Tuesday. With moisture and cold air in place, the development of snow will begin Monday afternoon from the eastern Great Lakes eventually through parts of New England. Given the timing of this snow and its intensity, we do expect much of it to accumulate with some locations recording over half a foot of snow. The current odds favor the heaviest of snow in central New England, north and west of Boston.

Head meteorologist Joshua Feldman discusses this storm in-depth in this week’s Sunday Storm here.

Wildfire Relief:

Multiple, massive wildfires continue to affect parts of California, including the Camp Fire in the northern part of the state which has killed at least 77 people and placed over a thousand on the list of people missing. The reason for these large blazes is the warm, dry, and windy weather that has been plaguing the state. These fires have also produced widespread, dangerous smoke, forcing residents in the Bay Area to wear special breathing masks. Thankfully, the forecast will take a shift midweek as a storm system moves in, bringing a much-needed round of rain and mountain snow to most of the state. Even Southern California will get in on the rain with totals ranging from half an inch to 2 inches.

Thanksgiving Brrr:

Record cold is set to impact the Northeast on Thanksgiving Day as an unusually cold air mass, not only for this time of the year but for any time, drifts into the region. This air mass will actually be associated with the Polar Vortex, a term I’m sure many of you have heard of within the past few winters. Widespread high temperatures in the teens and 20s are forecast across the northeastern US, which will break the daily record low maximums, as shown in the boxes on the graphic below. In case you were wondering, morning lows will also be record-breaking with temperatures starting off in the single digits and teens. Portions of Upstate New York and northern New England will even drop below zero. Thankfully, this will be a short-lived chill as temperatures return back to near-normal levels by the weekend.

Active Northwest:

The northwestern US will experience a new round of unsettled weather starting midweek as the first of several storm systems work into the region, bringing mountain snow and heavy rain to the low elevations. This first storm will impact the region between Wednesday and Thursday before a second, more robust one enters the area starting Thursday evening. By the time the weekend arrives, some of the mountains will likely measure multiple feet of snow, making for a great start to the snowpack.

Complete Darkness in Northern-most Town:

The northern-most town in the US, Barrow, Alaska has now begun their multi-month streak of complete darkness. On Sunday, the town received just 64 minutes of sunlight before the sun set, marking the start of 65 days without any sight of the sun due to the Earth’s tilt and the town’s latitude. The next time they will see the sun will be January 22, 2019. How’s that for depressing winter conditions!


Jackson is Head of Content at WeatherOptics and produces several forecasts and manages all social media platforms. Previously, Jackson forecasted local weather for southwestern Connecticut, founding his website, Jackson's Weather, in the March of 2015. He is currently studying Meteorology and Broadcast Journalism at the University of Miami.

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