A very active week is ahead–again–as we near the end of January and begin February. We compiled a list of the top five weather stories the WeatherOptics team will be watching for you this week, which includes: temperature roller coaster, Northeast light snow, Southern California wildfires, Pacific Northwest onslaught, and significant snowstorm.

Temperature Roller Coaster

The Eastern two-thirds of the country are in for wild temperature fluctuations this week as temperatures may go from 20 degrees above average one day to as much as 20 degrees below average the next day as ridges and troughs move through the region. Once we get into the second week of February, however, a more consistent round of cooler temperatures will likely move in, especially for the Northern Tier.

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Northeast Light Snow

A light snow is set to fall across portions of the Northeast this Monday into Tuesday as an upper-level low moves over the region. The best chance for snow will be in the Ohio Valley, Appalachian Mountains, and the interior Northeast Monday into Tuesday while a coastal storm develops and potentially brings snow to southeastern New England on Tuesday.

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Southern California Wildfires

Conditions have become prime again for the first significant risk for wildfires in portions of Southern California through Monday. The combination of strong, Santa Ana winds, hot temperatures, and low humidity will the environment conducive for fires, especially in the Los Angeles Basin and San Gabriel Mountains.

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Pacific Northwest Onslaught

The next seven plus days in the Pacific Northwest will either be wet and snowy as multiple atmospheric rivers of moisture direct themselves toward the Northwest coast. The heaviest rain and snow event will likely occur on Tuesday, where flooding may occur across portions of Washington State while up to three feet of snow fall in the Cascades.

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Significant Snowstorm?

The weather modeling has recently honed in on the risk for snow from around the Mid-Mississippi Valley through New England late in the week. Even though many of the models are already agreeing with each other on this snow threat, the uncertainty is high because we are several days away from this event. Of course WeatherOptics will keep you on top of and ahead of this storm.

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Jackson is Head of Content at WeatherOptics and produces several forecasts and manages all social media platforms. Previously, Jackson forecasted local weather for southwestern Connecticut, founding his website, Jackson's Weather, in the March of 2015. He is currently studying Meteorology and Broadcast Journalism at the University of Miami.

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