We’ve made it to the third leg of the Triple Crown, with the Belmont Stakes set for today in Elmont, NY on Long Island. This leg will feature the nicest of weather of the three races. The Preakness and the Kentucky Derby both featured sloppy track conditions. In fact, this year’s Kentucky Derby was the wettest on record. Despite this, Justify managed to win both of these sloppy races, getting the chance to go for the Triple Crown today at Belmont.

The weather at the Belmont Stakes will make for great track conditions. It will be dry with some cloudy skies, and temperatures quite comfortable in the low to mid 70s. Justify has performed well in the past with a dry track as well, so even though we only forecast the weather, we wouldn’t be surprised if Justify wins the Triple Crown!


Jackson is COO and Head of Content and Strategy of WeatherOptics. He also designed his own website and created the local company, Jackson's Weather. He has been forecasting the weather for southwestern Connecticut since March of 2015. He will major in Meteorology and Broadcast Journalism at the University of Miami in Fall 2018.

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