With snow already beginning to creep into the Mid-Atlantic states, it’s time we release our final snowfall forecast and analysis for the East Coast Blizzard. Snow will continue to head north and west throughout the night and tomorrow morning, increasing in intensity and size as it does so. Precipitation won’t be the only thing intensifying — Winds will be on the rise as well, with gusts reaching tropical storm force or higher along the immediate coastline from Virginia to Massachusetts to Maine. Some isolated gusts near hurricane force will be possible across extreme eastern Long Island and extreme southeastern Massachusetts.

The latest observations and new data has allowed us to shift our snowfall axis further west and inland once again, with heavy totals now stretching from the Delmarva to New York City to Boston to Bangor. The sweet-spot for this storm will stretch from southern New Jersey through Long Island and up into Boston and eastern New England. It’s this swath that has the potential of seeing 10-15 inches of snowfall, with some isolated locations receiving up to 18 or 20 inches before all is done.

Keep in mind that heavy snowfall won’t be the only issue for these locations. Very strong winds associated with a rapidly deepening low pressure system that may bottom out under 960 mb’s tomorrow night, will create blizzard conditions up and down the coastline. Power outages and coastal flooding will be of concern, especially for southeastern Massachusetts. With bitter temperatures crashing behind our storm, that may make for a dangerous situation heading into this weekend as temperatures drop to 15-30 degrees + below average.

In terms of timing, our storm will be a rather quick mover. Already a bit ahead of schedule, we expect snow to begin across our Nations Capital, Baltimore and Philadelphia not too long after Midnight, and up into The Big Apple and southern New England by time the sun rises. By the early afternoon hours, the entire New England region should be deep into the blizzard, with the worst conditions occurring between mid-morning and the evening hours. By nighttime, much of the snow clears out, and by Friday morning conditions should begin to rapidly improve.

Again, once our blizzard moves through, the next big story will be record breaking cold temperatures. The major metropolitan cities could be looking at actual low temperatures nearing 0 degrees overnight, with wind chills 10-20 degrees colder than that. More on the cold to come tomorrow night and Friday, and additional coverage on our storm will continue on both the website and social media. Keep it here.


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