One of the most severe wildfires in California, the Carr Fire, has now claimed at least 1132 structures, 818 of which were homes, as of the Monday evening update from the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. It continues to burn as authorities look for a way to stop the destruction.

These statistics have made the Carr Fire one of the most destructive wildfires in state history, ranking at number 9. Tubbs Fire in Sonoma County, the most destructive fire in state history, only occurred 10 months ago. The fire was responsible for 22 deaths and the destruction of 5,643 structures. The fire ended up growing to the size of 36,807 acres, which is only about 37% of the current size of the Carr Fire.

Out of the 10 worst wildfires in the Golden State, 4 of them have now occurred within the last 10 months, including the Tubb Fire (Rank: 1), Nuns Fire (Rank: 6), Carr Fire (Rank: 7) and Thomas Fire (Rank: 8).

Top 20 most destructive California wildfires. Graphic last updated on January 12. Courtesy of CAL FIRE.

To date, the 2018 wildfire season (January 1 through July 30) is the worst one in a decade. The worst season-to-date in recorded history was in 2008, when 1030-thousand acres were burnt compared to the 410-thousand acres this year.

The hot and dry weather continues to stay prime for the formation and rapid-spread of wildfires, helping to continue this active season of wildfires.


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