As the first storm moves east, a second storm will follow as it moves into the California coast by this weekend. This will be another widespread, impactful storm, affecting much of the West, including the dry and snow-starved Golden State.

Impacts from this new storm will begin on Thursday ahead of the “landfall” of this next storm on Friday. A plume of moisture will work its way into the coast off from the Pacific, aiding in heavy precipitation at times. So on Thursday, scattered rain showers can be expected across Northern California and coastal Oregon. In the higher elevations, that precipitation will be in the form of snow across the Northern California mountains and the Sierra Nevada. The snow will be more scattered in nature in the interior Northwest and well as in the Rockies due to the storm from earlier this week. As we get into Thursday night, the precipitation will become more widespread. Rain showers will expand into the Central Valley of California while snowfall intensities increase in the Sierra Nevada. Snow showers will also be able to sneak into northwestern Nevada.

Then on Friday, the activity will be the most widespread in the West as our storm moves inland from the Pacific Ocean. Light rain showers will work their way down toward the Southern California coast, leading to the slight risk for land slides in the burn scar areas from late-last year. For the rest of the state, showers can also be expected, except for the desert region. Meanwhile in the cold areas, heavy snow will continue to fall in the Sierra while snow showers fall in Northern California, northern Nevada, Idaho, and in much of Oregon from the Cascades and eastward. Friday night, our storm will weaken and become less-organized  as it moves further inland. Snow intensities will weaken in the Sierra Nevada and the Cascades of Oregon while snow becomes more prevalent across the intermountain West, including portions of Nevada, Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming.

On Saturday, scattered rain showers will fall at times up and down the West Coast while snow showers fall across the intermountain West, Cascades of Oregon, and Sierra Nevada. Then overnight Saturday, much of the precipitation will depart from the West Coast while snow showers affect portions of the Rocky Mountains.

Through Saturday, rain will mainly add up to 1 inch but in the mountains, several feet will fall. The jackpot will be in the Sierra Nevada where as much as three to four feet in the peaks.


Jackson is Head of Content at WeatherOptics and produces several forecasts and manages all social media platforms. Previously, Jackson forecasted local weather for southwestern Connecticut, founding his website, Jackson's Weather, in the March of 2015. He is currently studying Meteorology and Broadcast Journalism at the University of Miami.

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