We often don’t talk about Hawaii but terrible flooding due to historical rainfall has been occurring on some of the islands. Particularly the island of Kauai has seen the worst of the flooding. With a near-stagnant upper-level low off to the west and deep moisture being flowed into the islands of Hawaii, the setup was conducive and remains conducive for heavy, flooding rains.

From 5am HST on April 14th through 5am HST the following day — a full 24 hours — 27.52 inches of rain was recorded in Hanalei, Kauai. That not only breaks the 1-day rainfall record for that location, but the 2-day rainfall record as well. That’s over 2 feet of water that fell in just one day. This extradorinaiy rain has led to several landslides in addition to numerous flooded roadways. That promoted Governor Ige of Hawaii to declare a State of Emergency for the island.

The image below shows the flooded island, courtesy of Eric Bronstein.

The video below shows some of the scenes of the flooding from around the island of Kauai.


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