This May has been a rather warm month in comparison to April for many areas of the United States. Many locations nationwide are on track for a top five warmest May on record. The warmest of temperatures relative to average has been focused on the Central US into the Ohio River Valley. Some of these locations have recorded temperatures of over ten degrees above average for the month overall. The only locations that have been experiencing cooler than normal temperatures is the California coastline as well as Florida due to the wet weather.

On the map below, you’ll notice a box with a number, which indicates the ranking of how this year compared to previous years in terms of the warmest May on record.

Notice how dozens of climate locations have cracked the top five list of warmest Mays. This includes:

  • 4th warmest in New York City
  • 5th warmest in Philadelphia
  • 3rd warmest in Washington, DC
  • Warmest May on record in Buffalo
  • Warmest May on record in Cleveland
  • Warmest May on record in Columbus
  • Warmest May on record in Cincinnati
  • Warmest May on record in Louisville
  • Warmest May on record in Indianapolis
  • Tied for warmest May in Nashville
  • Tied for warmest May in Memphis
  • Warmest May on record in Shreveport
  • 3rd warmest in Oklahoma City
  • 2nd warmest in Dallas
  • Warmest May on record in Amarillo
  • 3rd warmest in Houston
  • 3rd warmest in New Orleans
  • 2nd warmest in Atlanta
  • 3rd warmest in Chicago
  • Tied for warmest May in Minneapolis
  • 2nd warmest in Fargo

There are many more cities that have also made the top five list for warmest May in recorded history. Note that there are still two more days of May, but these current temperature rankings likely won’t change in most cities.

Once the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) relates their May climate report in early-June, they will likely declare this as a top five warmest May for the United States as a whole. Now if we compare this to the April of 2018, or the previous month, it was record cold in two states: Wisconsin and Iowa. For the nation overall, it was theย 13th coldest April on record and the coldest since 1997.

April 2018 Temperature Percentiles

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