With Turkey Day right around the corner, you might be wondering what you can expect in terms of weather for both travel and the actual holiday itself. If you’re traveling early in the week, the good news is that there won’t be much storminess around the country.

The only area that we’re watching for possible issues is the Northwest where another powerful storm is expected to move through beginning on Sunday and lasting right through most of the week. In fact, it will really be the combination of two systems hitting back to back. Areas that have already been hit by these storms in past weeks can expect much of the same. High elevation heavy snowfall, lower elevation heavy rainfall, and gusty winds for everyone. It will not be ideal travel weather, that’s for sure. This system will make its way a bit more to the easy into parts of Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming as we move into later Thursday and Friday, where more snow can be expected for higher elevations, and more rain closer to sea level.

Other than that, parts of southern Texas can expect to be dealing with heavy rain Tuesday into Wednesday, but that should clear out for Thanksgiving and not much is expected afterwards. That same system will stretch across the Gulf of Mexico and bring increasing showers to Florida starting on Wednesday and peaking during Saturday and Sunday. Heavy rain and thunderstorms will be possible, but again, much of this will be scattered about until we reach the Saturday/Sunday timeframe.

The eastern third of the country will be dominated by high pressure and rather calm conditions throughout most of the week, including back towards the center of the country. The only shot at any significant weather will hold off until later on Friday and into Saturday as a storm system gathers well north across Canada and the upper Great Lakes, bringing with it some rain and snow showers. Late Saturday and into early Sunday this disturbance will head on east into the Northeast region, and could bring more light rain and snow showers.

We’re monitoring the chance of this storm system gaining some last minute energy similar to what we saw with yesterdays storm, and bringing more potent precipitation to extreme northeastern New England later on Sunday. That will have to be watched, as colder air will be in place this time around, and could lead to accumulating snow for more locations (even down to the coast), unlike we saw yesterday.

Nothing too potent looks to be in play for traveling back home either after Thanksgiving, so don’t expect too many problems, but keep checking back to see if anything has changed.. Enjoy Turkey Day!


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