It’s been a brutal first half of March for much of the Northeast and parts of the Mid-Atlantic with two back to back major nor’easters, and now a third one on the way. The first two dropped feet of snow across parts of the Northeast region, along with winds that gusted well above hurricane force at times. The first one during the very beginning of March gave snow to inland areas like Syracuse and Albany, the second one during this past week gave snow closer to the I-95 corridor, and now this third one set to hit later today and tomorrow looks like it will slam eastern New England.

While major I-95 cities from Philadelphia to New York City will just get scraped by the outer edge of the storm, we don’t anticipate heavy hitting totals. The further north and east you go however, the more snow you are likely to see. Once you get east of the Big Apple, totals will increase quite fast actually. Anyway from 3-6+ inches can be expected across western CT and MA, with a foot or more as you near the coastline from Providence to Boston and up into northern New England. This is where things get really bad.

Not only do we expect up to a foot and a half of snowfall, but we also expect very strong and gusty winds, making for near-blizzard conditions at times. Right along the coast gusts could be 50+ mph. As the storm hits our block to the north, snow will expand westward into parts of Upstate New York. This will lead to additional accumulations, and some areas could still get hit quite hard with widespread 3-6 inch totals and localized 6-12 inch amounts. ย Things finally settle down by tomorrow night and Wednesday.


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