A tornado struck the town of Watford City, an oil-rich region, in North Dakota early Tuesday morning, demolishing more than 100 structures and overturning numerous vehicles. Making contact just after midnight, the tornado’s ferocious winds were no match for these recreational vehicles.

Credit: HRI Aerial Imaging

A resident of the city, Jason Wiler, told KXMD news, “It was pretty scary from seeing it spinning. It looked like it was several miles away, to it being right on top of you.”

The National Weather Service rated this tornado as an EF-2, packing winds of up to 127 mph.

Unfortunately, one fatality has been reported, a newborn baby only seven days old. Officials also say 28 people were injured, including 9 critically injured.

Below is a gallery of other images captured by the survey crews of the National Weather Service office in Bismarck:

This is the first tornado death since April 13th, and the fourth of the year. Remarkably, thanks to a quiet tornado season so far, there have been no deaths related to tornadoes in both May and June, two of the most active months of the year for severe weather.


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