After well above-average temperatures dominating the eastern US for much of September and the first half of October, things will cool down significantly after today’s cold front/Tropical Storm Michael duo. A very refreshing shot of cool air will seep down from Canada later today and tonight, dropping temperatures down into the upper 40’s inland and mid to lower 50’s closer to the coastline for daytime highs on Friday. This will set the stage for possible wintry weather on Saturday as a weak clipper system quickly moves through the region.

Overnight temperatures on Friday and daytime highs on Saturday will be even colder as the brunt of the cold airmass overtakes the entire Northeast region. Highs will struggle to reach the middle 40’s across much of western Pennsylvania, New York, and New England, while even the coast will barely pass the 50 degree mark. The highest elevations will remain around freezing on Saturday morning, so as our clipper system moves through, we expect some of the first flakes of the season to begin flying.

The northern Appalachians, the highest peaks of the Catskills, parts of the Adirondacks, and both the Green and White mountains of New England should expect to see their first snow of the season this Saturday morning. Our team doesn’t expect anything major, rather a light event that will mostly involve wet snow flakes mixing in with rain. The highest peaks of these mountains, especially across the northern Appalachians, Catskills, and Adirondacks, could squeeze out an inch or two before the system moves out by the early afternoon.

With a new pattern in place that doesn’t feature the massive ridging over the eastern third of the US that we’ve seen in the past few months, events likeย this one will begin to increase in frequency as we head towards the end of the month. Even though we’re tracking a tropical system just to the south of the region today, this weekend will serve as a remind that Winter 2018-2019 isn’t too far away.


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