A quiet week of weather is in store for the United States this upcoming week, but there is still weather to discuss, and some of that is nice weather. Below, we discuss the top three weather stories that are worth watching this week, which includes: East Coast showers, spring warmth, and end of snow.

East Coast Showers:

A storm system that developed during the weekend is tracking toward the Southeast coast, and will then move up the East Coast of the US during the middle of the week. To end the weekend, this storm will bring rain, which may get heavy at times, to much of the Southeast. The rain will become more scattered across the Southeast as the storm begins to take a turn to the north, but the showers will remain in the region through Tuesday. Meanwhile, showers will invade into the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast Tuesday into Wednesday. Showers will linger as the low pressure moves into New England on Thursday. Most of this rain will be light, so there are no concerns for flooding.

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Spring Warmth:

Finally warmer temperatures are invading much of the United States. Now while temperatures for many in the East will remain below average this week, it’s warmer than it has been so it will definitely be welcome for most. Meanwhile in the West, temperatures will become well above average at times. Portions of the Northwest will experience days of high temperatures up to 30 degrees above average; temperatures will be up to 15 degrees below average in the East.

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End of Snow?

Summer is fast-approaching, so is the United States out of the woods for snow? For much of the country, we believe that the chance for snow is over. The best chance for snow is in the mountainous region of the West, especially in the northern Rocky Mountains. The chance for snow also remains in the Northern Plains, Upper Midwest, and Great Lakes region, but that chance is low based on the upcoming pattern.

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Jackson is COO and Head of Content and Strategy of WeatherOptics. He also designed his own website and created the local company, Jackson's Weather. He has been forecasting the weather for southwestern Connecticut since March of 2015. He is currently a senior in high school and will major in Meteorology and Broadcast Journalism at the University of Miami in Fall 2018.

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