It was a busy week and weekend and this coming week certainly won’t disappoint. We’re tracking a major flood threat, record heat in the East, a snowy West, and freezing rain in the Midwest. Below, you’ll find the details on these four different weather events that the WeatherOptics team will be honing in on this week plus more.

Major Flood Threat:

We warned you about the threat for flooding during the second half of February in our long-range outlook, and this threat is already coming into fruition across portions of the Ohio River Valley. Flooding will only worsen and become more widespread this week as a spring-like flood takes place this week.

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Record Heat:

Record heat is likely midweek with dozens daily record highs forecast to be broken up and down the East Coast of the US on Tuesday and Wednesday. High temperatures will surge into the 60s, 70s, and 80s for many locations, affecting millions of people, as a strong ridge of high pressure builds into the Southeast and sits overhead.

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Snowy West:

An upper-level disturbance has moved into the intermountain West, and several pieces of energy will spin around this upper-level low and will lead to multiple days of snow and lower elevation rain to much of the West. Some of that energy will move into the Northern Plains and Upper Midwest as well during the start of the week, where some areas may receive up to a foot of snow through Tuesday. Once this event comes to an end by Wednesday, up to four feet of snow may fall in the mountain peaks, especially in the Cascades of Washington and Oregon.

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Midwest Freezing Rain:

The models have been very consistent as of late and have latched on the risk for significant freezing rain in portions of the Midwest. This includes states like Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, and even eastern Kansas and Oklahoma. Freezing rain is always difficult to predict, but we think a prolonged event of this icy precipitation will take place from Monday through Wednesday night. Of course the same locations won’t deal with icing all three days, but some towns will likely experience it for over 24 hours.

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