Following a major severe weather outbreak this past weekend (and especially last night), we’ll be looking ahead to another potential outbreak mid- to late- week across a chunk of the country as the active weather pattern continues. This comes as a temperature roller coaster takes place throughout this week.

Here’s your 5 Things to Watch for this week.

Cold Front Clears East Coast:

A cold front associated with the storm system responsible for this past weekend’s severe weather outbreak will clear through the East Coast this Monday, ushering in another round of cooler, drier air. Before then, though, showers and thunderstorms will continue to be felt in the Northeast and even South Florida thanks to how expansive this front is. There may even be some light snow showers across the highest of elevations in the interior Northeast, but accumulations will be little to none.

Western Storm:

A weak storm system will affect the West early-week, bringing another round of rain and snow showers. Much of this precipitation will be light, but it’s yet another round of unsettled weather for this part of the country. Generally less than 0.5 inches of rainfall is expected while up to 1 foot of snow is possible, with the heaviest of snow in northwestern Wyoming.

Multi-Day Severe Weather Threat:

As a new storm system develops over the Plains midweek, it will bring multiple days of severe weather across the eastern two-thirds of the nation. The risk for severe storms will ramp up on Wednesday from southern Minnesota through the coast of Texas. All modes of dangerous weather are possible, including tornadoes, damaging winds, and large hail. Then on Thursday, the severe weather threat will follow the storm as it moves east, spanning from the Chicago area through much of the Gulf Coast. The Mid-Atlantic and Southeast will then have to watch out for strong storms by Friday, but those details are yet to be determined.

Temperature Roller Coaster:

A roller coaster of temperatures will affect the Lower 48 as multiple ridges and troughs traverse across the US. Warmer air originating from the central US will slowly migrate toward the East Coast by the end of the work week, bringing highs generally 5-15 degrees above average. Behind that warm round, however, will be cooler air, making for a cool weekend for much of the East and West Coasts. On the other hand, the nation’s midsection should actually stay on the warmer side of the spectrum relative to average. All in all, no significant warm or cold is expected, but instead fluctuating temperatures will be the story.

Next Week’s Storm:

Another storm or two will likely develop across the central US next week, posing the risk for more rain and possibly severe weather. Of course the details of these storms and its impacts are unknown at this time due to the high forecast uncertainty, but the models continue to highlight how active and volatile this weather pattern is.

It is Spring after all!


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