We’ve made it to February. The WeatherOptics team continues to track several winter storms that will affect portions of the Northern Tier this week while the South is on the warmer side with rain and thunderstorms midweek. We compiled a list of the top five weather stories we’re watching for you this week below.

Midweek Winter Storm:

After one winter storm on Super Bowl Sunday, another one will developing, following a fairly similar track Tuesday into Wednesday. This storm will bring snow from the Central Plains through the Ohio Valley and Great Lakes and into the Northeast. Some locations will receive over half a foot of snow on top of the half foot plus that fell during the weekend.

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Severe Storm Threat:

The same storm that will bring wintry weather to the North midweek may be responsible for some severe storms across the South Plains, especially eastern Texas and Oklahoma, on Tuesday. Damaging winds and a few tornadoes seem to be the main threats with these strong storms that are likely to develop. Beyond then, rain will move through the South and East Coast Tuesday into Wednesday from this storm system.

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Clipper to Bring a Swath of Snow:

Following the midweek storm system will be a fast-moving clipper system, bringing a light swath of snow across a large portion of the Northern Tier Thursday into Friday. Most locations affected by this snow can expect between a coating and up to three inches.

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Drought Plagues Parts of the Nation:

Much of the country has been dry since the start of fall in 2017, and not much relief has taken place ever since. The drought is worsening, especially in the South and the West. We break down the specific impacts this drought is delivering and discuss the statistics of this drought in the article below.

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Weekend Storm:

Yet another storm system will develop by this weekend, likely bringing rain to the Southeast and snow and/or rain from the Ohio Valley and into the Northeast. This is nearly a week away, so the uncertainty is high, but it is likely to be one of the next significant storms we will be tracking.

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Jackson is Head of Content and Social Media at WeatherOptics. He is currently a student at the University of Miami, studying Meteorology and Broadcast Journalism. Dill produces forecast articles for the website and helps to manage the content schedule. He has also led the growth of WeatherOptics’ social media accounts, working to keep them aligned with the company’s evolving vision.

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