The Arctic assault continues this week east of the Rockies as a trough continues to dominate the weather pattern, allowing for cold air to plow into the region. A new lobe of cold air is impacting the Eastern U.S. much of this week.

On Tuesday, temperatures will be as much as 40 degrees below average. The worst of the cold relative to average will be in the Midwest and Northeast, but the cold will be felt everywhere in the East with most locations experiencing temperatures over 20 degrees below average. The winds will make it feel even worse out there with wind chills in the morning as low as -50 degrees across northern locations.

The cold will stick around on Wednesday. Much of the Midwest will be dealing with wind chills below zero throughout the entire day. Temperatures, however, will not be as cold with negative temperature anomalies down to 30 degrees in the Midwest and between 10 and 20 degrees for the remainder of the Eastern U.S..

It will be a similar story on Thursday with temperatures down to 35 degrees below average with the worst of the cold in the Great Lakes region. The only area that may experience above average temperatures is actually in eastern Maine depending on the exact track of the incoming coastal storm. That storm may draw in moisture and warmer air from the Atlantic Ocean.

Behind that storm may be the most severe shot of cold air so far this season on Friday. Temperatures during the day will be as much as 45 degrees below average, and this intense cold will be very widespread. Sub-zero wind chills will be felt as far south as the Ohio River and the Mid-Atlantic as the peak heating of the day.

The worst of the cold looks to be this weekend, especially in the Northeast. Wake-up wind chills will likely be lower than -10 degrees for cities like New York, Boston, Chicago, and potentially as far south as Washington, D.C. on Saturday. Those wind chills won’t increase by much during the afternoon hours while actual air temperatures for many remain between 35 and 45 degrees below average.

On Sunday, the Northeast will be in for the worst of the cold with temperatures up to 50 degrees below average in the morning, but anomalies will decrease as the day progresses as a brief round of warmer air actually moves through the Eastern U.S.. While the Northeast deals with daytime wind chills between 20 and -10 degrees, the Midwest and Northern Plains will be dealing with temperatures still around freezing, but it will actually be up to 15 degrees above average.

This brief wave of warmer air will last for two to three days into the start of next week before yet another blast of cold air plunges into the Eastern U.S..


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