A trough of low pressure has been dominating the weather pattern across the East so far this March, and more of that is on the way through at least the middle of the week, keeping temperatures cooler than average overall from the Northern Plains through the South and into the Northeast.

On Friday, it’s going to be especially chilly in the Southeast. Freeze Warnings are posted for 18.7 million people, including major cities like Atlanta. In terms of high temperatures on Monday, the entire US East Coast will be witnessing temperatures as much as 10 to 20 degrees below average. That cool air will also be found in the Northern Plains and Great Lakes while warmer air due to the southerly flow will be found in the Southern and Central Plains. Highs in those regions will be up to 20 degrees above normal. Here are the forecast high temperatures on Friday for select major cities:

  • Boston: 38 degrees
  • New York: 47 degrees
  • Washington, D.C.: 47 degrees
  • Charlotte: 54 degrees
  • Atlanta: 60 degrees
  • Miami: 72 degrees
  • New Orleans: 72 degrees
  • Houston: 74 degrees
  • Dallas: 73 degrees
  • St. Louis: 50 degrees
  • Kansas City: 59 degrees
  • Chicago: 39 degrees
  • Minneapolis: 32 degrees

On Saturday, temperatures will improve across the Northern Tier and Southeast while the Northeast remains socked in with the cold due to the trough of low pressure centering itself overhead. Temperatures in the Northeast will be up to 10 degrees below normal while the remainder of the East experiences high temperatures near average to as much as 20 degrees above average. Here are the forecast high temperatures on Saturday for select major cities:

  • Boston: 43 degrees
  • New York: 44 degrees
  • Washington, D.C.: 50 degrees
  • Charlotte: 64 degrees
  • Atlanta: 65 degrees
  • Miami: 78 degrees
  • New Orleans: 77 degrees
  • Houston: 81 degrees
  • Dallas: 80 degrees
  • St. Louis: 53 degrees
  • Kansas City: 57 degrees
  • Chicago: 41 degrees
  • Minneapolis: 37 degrees

As we get into Sunday, the cold will dominate the Eastern two-thirds of the country once again. Widespread high temperatures of 5 to 20 degrees below normal is forecast east of the Rockies. The only areas where highs will be at or slightly above average will at the Canadian border as well as in Florida and along the immediate Gulf Coast. Those will be the lucky spots with the spring feel to the air. Here are the forecast high temperatures on Sunday for select major cities:

  • Boston: 45 degrees
  • New York: 45 degrees
  • Washington, D.C.: 45 degrees
  • Charlotte: 55 degrees
  • Atlanta: 60 degrees
  • Miami: 82 degrees
  • New Orleans: 73 degrees
  • Houston: 73 degrees
  • Dallas: 60 degrees
  • St. Louis: 45 degrees
  • Kansas City: 45 degrees
  • Chicago: 40 degrees
  • Minneapolis: 37 degrees

On Monday and Tuesday at the start of the new week, temperatures will remain very similar as on Sunday with temperatures up to 20 degrees below normal as a trough dominates the weather pattern. Even the Gulf Coast and Florida by this time will be on the colder side of average. Based on our forecast, 64% of the US population or about 190 million people are forecast to experience temperatures at or below freezing within the next seven days.

By Wednesday and Thursday, warmer temperatures are expected to return to the Central US while the East Coast hopes and prays for warmer, springtime weather.


Jackson is Head of Content and Social Media at WeatherOptics. He is currently a student at the University of Miami, studying Meteorology and Broadcast Journalism. Dill produces forecast articles for the website and helps to manage the content schedule. He has also led the growth of WeatherOptics’ social media accounts, working to keep them aligned with the company’s evolving vision.

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