A coastal storm will make a close pass to the Northeast coast this Wednesday, but thankfully it will remain far enough offshore. The worst of the weather will occur in southeastern Massachusetts, where it’s going to rain for the large majority of the day. Rain in this area will add up to about an inch. Further west, rain will be lighter and not as long-lasting for the remainder of New England and the Mid-Atlantic coast.

HRRR Future Radar

You may also notice some snow on the future radar. This is along a cold front moving southeast and is actually pushing the coastal storm further off the coast. The snow will be light, but portions of Upstate New York and even western Maine may pick up one to three inches of snowfall.

As you may guess, travel will be difficult with this rain and the low ceilings. Expect airport delays at the New York City airports this morning. Delays will be the worst in Boston because the rain will be a touch heavier and it will be an all-day event.


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