A cold front pushed through the Northeast Thursday night, and since it’s a cold front, colder air will move in behind it, hence the name, cold front. High temperatures in the Mid-Atlantic up through Southern New England and westward through Pennsylvania will feature high temperatures in the 40’s for the most part, which is about five degrees below average. The coldest of air will be found in the northern locations of the Northeast. High temperatures there are forecast to only top off into the 30’s and even the 20’s in the Saranac Lake, NY area. These locations’ temperature anomalies will be around 10 degrees below normal.

Forecast high temperatures for today.

The winds will make it feel even worse out there. Often times behind a cold front, it gets a bit breezy. There is also a tight pressure gradient between a low pressure off the coast and a high pressure over the Great Lakes. Between those two pressure centers will be the strong winds, which are forecast to gust up to 40 mph for the large majority of the locations in the Northeast today.

Winds are forecast to gust as high as 40 mph in the Northeast today.

At least that high pressure moving in from the west will make for a sunny day across the region.

Looking ahead to the next chance for strong winds, it arrives Sunday morning for the Northeast following a storm that will drop more rain. These winds are forecast to be even stronger, gusting up to 50 mph. Some damage to trees and power lines are possible.


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