Scattered severe thunderstorms developed Monday afternoon across eastern portions of Colorado. Hail the size of softballs fell as a result of the thunderstorms. To no surprise, this-sized hail brought damage to some places.

The American Red Cross has opened up an Evacuation Shelter due to how widespread the damage was in parts of the state.

Hail in Colorado Springs/Credit: CO & WY Red Cross

One hailstorm wreaked havoc on the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs, Colorado, damaging over 100 cars and sending people running for cover. Unfortunately, not all animals had shelter from this storm, but even some of the animals who had shelter were still in the crosshairs of the hail as it broke through glass skylights above.

2 animals were killed, including a 13-year-old caped vulture named Motswari, along with a 4-year-old Muscovy duck known as Daisy.

There were also 14 people injured. 5 people were taken to the hospital, and 9 others were treated on scene at the zoo.

The zoo released a statement Monday evening, “Following the hail storm, the Zoo will be closed tomorrow, Tuesday, August 7. We will reassess at that time before making any additional decisions regarding when we will re-open.”


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