The Arctic air is settling into the Northern Plains and Midwest now that February has arrived, and this cold will likely last for an extended period of time through much of the new month. As thousands head to Minneapolis for the big game on Sunday, the temperatures are going to be extremely cold. Yes, we know the field is inside and the spectators will be in a heated stadium, but you’re still going to have to endure the cold to get there.

Below, you’ll see the forecast high and low temperatures for Minneapolis the next 10 days. These temperatures are forecast from a blend of the various weather models, such as the European and the American. Notice how the coldest day coincides with Super Bowl Sunday. The forecast high is 6 degrees with a morning low of only -7 degrees.
Winds will make it feel even worse. Wind chills will struggle to surpass -10 degrees. The morning will feel even worse with a wind chills at around -20 degrees.

Now how do these temperatures compare with Super Bowls in the past? This year’s game will make the record books for the coldest on record. The current record was a temperature of 16 degrees at kickoff. That occurred at the Silverdome in Pontiac, Michigan. The second coldest Super Bowl coincidentally also occurred in Minneapolis–the same location of this year’s game. If you’re headed to see the game, be sure to bundle up. Thankfully, it’s inside.


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