Groundhog Day is this Friday, the day when groundhogs across the nation predict whether spring will arrive early or there’s six more weeks of winter. The main groundhog who makes this prognostication is Phil from Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. If Phil sees his shadow, then that means there’s six more weeks of winter. Now if he doesn’t see his shadow, then that means spring is coming. Based on the past, the large majority of the time Phil saw his shadow, meaning that winter will continue for another month and a half.

This year, a cold front is forecast to move through Thursday night, ushering in colder and drier air in time for when Phil makes his prognostication at around sunrise. According to our forecast, skies will be mostly cloudy with some breaks of sunshine. Therefore, even though there is only the chance for sunshine, we think Phil will see his shadow, meaning that there will be six more weeks of winter.


Jackson is COO and Head of Content and Strategy of WeatherOptics. He also designed his own website and created the local company, Jackson's Weather. He has been forecasting the weather for southwestern Connecticut since March of 2015. He is currently a senior in high school and will major in Meteorology and Broadcast Journalism at the University of Miami in Fall 2018.

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