The switch has finally flipped where the chances for snow have dramatically lessened. No snow is forecast for the Eastern US this week, but the theme of this article is where the snow will be falling, which is across portions of the northern Rocky Mountains Monday into Tuesday.

On Monday, a moderate to heavy snow will break out across much of southern Montana and northern Wyoming while rain showers fall across the remainder of Wyoming. Then in the afternoon and evening hours, snow will work a bit farther south in Wyoming. Overnight Monday, the moisture will more a bit to the east, and with cold air in place heavy snow is expected across western South Dakota. Meanwhile back to the west, the snow will taper off as the night progresses in Montana and Wyoming.

On Tuesday, a light snow is possible across eastern portions of Wyoming and western South Dakota and Nebraska. By the end of the day, however, all of the snow will have cleared out of the region as the moisture heads toward the Southern Plains by Wednesday.

Through Tuesday, up to a foot and a half of snowfall is possible in the highest of elevations:


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