We’re tracking what may tie the record for the earliest named storm on record in the eastern Pacific basin. The current record was Tropical Storm Adrian back on May 9th, 2017. An area of disturbed weather was designated Invest 90E earlier this week. This designation allows for the National Hurricane Center to run certain models that focused on this disturbance. It also gives a satellite sector, which is a zoomed-in view of this storm.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the National Hurricane Center in Miami is giving Invest 90E a 50% chance for tropical formation within the next 48 hours and the next five days. If this storm forms, it would tie that record we mentioned, and would be given the name, Aletta. This storm has a short window for development, and would have to develop very soon as it begins to move north. It currently is moving over warm water and is in a low wind shear environment, but conditions will become non-conducive as the storm moves north by the end of this week. Thankfully, no land is at risk for impacts from this storm.

This is an early-season potential tropical storm. Hurricane season for the eastern Pacific Ocean begins on May 15th while it begins on June 1st in the Atlantic Ocean.


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