A new storm will develop east of the Rockies, allowing for a new round of light snow to areas south of Wednesday’s snow event. Snow is expected to fall from southern Utah, the Colorado Rockies, and southern Wyoming Thursday morning. There will also be a thin stretch of snow from there through the South Dakota/Nebraska border and all the way into southern Wisconsin. As we get into the afternoon hours, that snow will expand in width, affecting portions of Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Also a few snow showers may sneak into northwestern Illinois and Missouri in the afternoon. Then overnight on Thursday, the snow will begin to wind down again but will still continue and move into in the form of light snow showers across portions of the Midwest and interior Northeast with rain showers in the Ohio Valley.

By Friday, the moisture with this system will be limited in the Northeast but a light snow is possible across much of this region from Pennsylvania and all of the areas to the north and east. There is still a moderate to high amount of uncertainty on whether there will even be any precipitation left by Friday, so stay tuned as we get closer to this potential event. Also on Friday, snow associated with a new storm will move into Wisconsin and Michigan, which we will discuss in a future post later this week.

Here’s our snowfall forecast through Thursday:


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