After multiple flash-flooding events this past summer, with the most recent just a few days ago, we turn to yet another heavy rain threat that will take place this afternoon through tomorrow morning. While we don’t expect totals quite as high as earlier in the week, we do anticipate several inches of rain to occur over the next 12-24 hours.

The I-95 corridor looks to be the target of this event, with 1-3 inches of rainfall likely from the Washington DC area to New York City. Localized totals surpassing 3 inches are possible, especially towards the Appalachian mountains.

The worst of the rain will come towards the end of our system, with the possibility of embedded thunderstorms that yield locally higher rainfall totals. This will be where flash flooding becomes a higher concern. Baltimore to southern CT will have to watch out for this between midnight and 4 or 5 AM.

The normal impacts that come along with this kind of threat can be expected. Ponding on roadways and higher rivers or streams that could cause some additional flooding will be the main things to lookout for. This could make for a nasty and potentially dangerous early morning commute tomorrow.

It’s important to keep in mind that because we’ve had so many recent flooding events, smaller ones such as this will have a bigger impact than usual. Grounds are highly saturated and rivers and creeks are already higher than normal. This will mean that only a few inches of rain could cause moderate to major flooding, especially for prone and low-lying areas.


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