This year, New England has now had the same number of tornadoes as Oklahoma, a state that often receives dozens of tornadoes in a year.

To-date, both New England and Oklahoma have seen a dozen tornadoes. Here’s the breakdown of tornadoes by state in New England:

  • Connecticut: 6 tornadoes
  • Massachusetts: 3 tornadoes
  • New Hampshire: 3 tornadoes

On average, Oklahoma has 56 tornadoes a year, while New England usually only receives around 7 tornadoes.

Two tornadoes, one in Connecticut and one in Massachusetts, touched down this most recent weekend as a line of heavy thunderstorms slowly moved across New England on the morning of Saturday, August 4th.

The first tornado swept from Woodstock through the Quinebaug area of Connecticut. Numerous trees and power lines were taken down as a result of the estimate-80 mph winds. This tornado has been given the rating of an EF-0.

The second tornado took place just across the border in Massachusetts. This twister took a path from Dudley to Webster, and was more powerful with winds of up to 110 mph. The National Weather Service declared this twister as a high-end EF-1.


Jackson is Head of Content at WeatherOptics and produces several forecasts and manages all social media platforms. Previously, Jackson forecasted local weather for southwestern Connecticut, founding his website, Jackson's Weather, in the March of 2015. He is currently studying Meteorology and Broadcast Journalism at the University of Miami.

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