Portions of the Mid-Atlantic have been dealing with flooding since the start of this week, like in Frederick, Maryland. On Friday, however, the flooding became more widespread, especially in central Virginia where radar estimates suggests rainfall in excess of six inches in some areas.

A total of 4.64 inches within the past 48 hours in Richmond (as of 5pm ET) has allowed for some flooding rains in the city, especially to the north. Heavier rain Friday afternoon even prompted the issuance of a Flash Flood Warning by the National Weather Service.

On Friday, some roads were washout out. In Hanover, Virginia, the Virginia Department of Transportation says that nearly a mile-long distance of a road was completely washed away due to the rushing water. These poor road conditions and even lack of roads, as well as the numerous areas of flooding, have prompted schools to close on Friday in Henrico, Hanover, and Richmond Counties of the state. There have also been reports of flooded roads in and around Ocean City, Maryland.

Due to the ongoing days of persistent rainfall across the Mid-Atlantic region, river levels have risen and will continue to rise. There are seven different river gauges in the region that are in flood stage, as of late-afternoon Friday. That includes the St. Mary’s River at Great Mills, Maryland, where the river is in moderate flood stage and may approach major flood stage this weekend.

The Potomac River in Washington, D.C. is forecast to crest at minor flood stage on Sunday while the James River in Richmond, VA is expected to crest at moderate flood stage at fifteen feet on Sunday. When this river reaches water levels of this magnitude, that typically threatens residents near the gauge with one to one and a half feet of water over their driveways.

The below images highlights the rising Potomac River at the Georgetown Riverfront in the nation’s capital:

In Frederick, Maryland, we mentioned how there was major flooding that impacted the city on Tuesday, but it takes time for water levels to recede, and with recent rains not much progress has occurred. The below photos highlight the high water levels and ongoing flooding conditions from the Carroll Creek spillway and Baker Park in Frederick. There are two rivers that are currently in flood stage, both of which are in West Virginia near the Maryland border.

Rain remains in the forecast through this weekend with gradual relief from the flooding next week.


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