Very heavy rain and thunderstorms that moved through Thursday night have brought flooding parts of Richmond, hitting Richmond International Airport especially hard,

This comes after a night of torrential rainfall, up to 7.25 inches since midnight. That makes it the second all-time wettest day in recorded history (records date back to 1887). Now while that may sound impressive, this may be even more: 4.55 inches was recorded at the airport in just one hour, which is greater than the amount of rain they receive in the entire month of June.

It’s been a wet spring, and now summer will continue to following a similar regime. The saturated ground paired with the tropical moisture has become a perfect combination for this flooding.

With the flooding overtaking parts of the tarmac and the road, the airport was closed until 9am EDT, but it has since reopened.

Just outside of the airport, there have been a few additional reports of flooding, including a dump truck submerged in high water and flooded roadways in downtown Richmond. Even some mobile homes have been flooded, leaving some families without shelter.

Flooding has also been seen in some towns in western and northern Virginia due to similar heavy rains. Numerous after rescues have been performed due to this situation in a state that has already dealt with flooding earlier this year.


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