A weak storm system currently dropping snow across parts of the Midwest will move eastward overnight, bringing snow to much of the Interior Northeast. Warmer air pushing in from the south will overlay the colder air, allowing for rain to fall but freeze at the surface. This nasty combination will likely lead to dangerous conditions Friday afternoon and into Saturday, with some areas receiving as much as half an inch of freezing rain by time all is done.

The frozen precipitation will come in two batches. The first begins during the early hours of tomorrow morning, with snow overspreading Upstate New York and quickly changing over to freezing rain and rain during the afternoon and overnight hours for much of New England. Early Saturday morning there will be a brief interlude before our second batch works into the region from the south, bringing more rain and freezing rain, this time to northern New England. As our low pressure moves north and eastward, colder air will quickly rush in behind and some of the rain may briefly change back over to snow late Saturday afternoon and into the evening. An inch or two of additional snow will be possible before all clears out early on Sunday.

The biggest threat from this two-part event will be the icing and freezing rain potential. Light freezing rain will affect a large portion of the region, but the moderate to heavy icing will be confined to higher elevations across sections of southern and northern New England. Eastern Massachusetts through New Hampshire and parts of western Maine have the potential to be seriously impacted by moderate to heavy icing, especially during the first half of Saturday.

This same region will also likely pickup 3-6 inches of snowfall, with some places getting as much as 8 or 9 inches before the changeover happens. We anticipate snow could get quite heavy late tomorrow into tomorrow night.

The good news is that by Sunday morning this storm should be out of here, but our eyes turn to yet another storm system around Christmas. Details still remain pretty cloudy on this one, but potential is growing for a possible snowstorm that could impact anywhere from the coast to the interior Northeast on Christmas Day. Our story on this storm will be released later today or early tomorrow morning, so stay tuned.


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