A final forecast update by our CEO, Scott Pecoriello, regarding the biggest misconceptions about what a category 2 hurricane means and why the scale simply won’t matter here. We go through the biggest changes we’ve seen over the last 12 hours and the greatest threats Florence will bring over the next 24-72 hours:


Scott is the founder and CEO of WeatherOptics Inc, which he started as a weather forecasting content platform in 2010. In 2016, after gaining a substantial following, WeatherOptics began servicing the private sector using impact analytics driven by historical weather data. Since this pivot, Pecoriello has led the effort to combine consumer, business, utility, and weather data in order to redefine how WeatherOptics could change business perspective on the weather. As founder as well as the director of all day to day operations, Pecoriello has proven WeatherOptics to be an effective, fast-growing data analytics company that is actively changing the way businesses think and react to the weather.

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