A late-week storm will bring heavy rain and snow to the Northeast while a new area of low pressure will form by this weekend near the Colorado Rockies, eventually bringing another round of rain to the flooded central US. This comes as fluctuating temperatures persist across the US into next week.

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Days of Rain and Snow for Northeast:

  1. A slow-moving storm system will head up the eastern seaboard of the US at the end of this week, becoming the culprit for days of rain and snow across the northeastern US.
  2. Low pressure will rapidly strengthen off the Mid-Atlantic coast Thursday night with a minimum central pressure of about 1000 mb. By Friday night however, only 24 hours later, the pressure is expected to be down to around 980 mb. Should this be the case, we’d be looking at a rather classic storm undergoing bombogenesis.
  3. Snow will become widespread from northeastern Pennsylvania through northern Vermont and New Hampshire by Thursday night, while rain affects the major cities near the coast.
  4. Since this storm system will be intensifying into a strong low pressure, there will likely be intense winds. Widespread wind gusts of 20-45+ mph are forecasted across the Northeast between Friday and Saturday, which may lead to scattered power outages for a time.

More Rain for Flooded Midwest:

  1. A new low pressure system will form late-week on the leeward side of the Colorado Rockies and will track to the east, bringing impacts to parts of the Central US through this weekend.
  2. A new round of rain is ahead for the Midwest and northern Plains Saturday into Sunday, which is the regions that have been dealing with historic flooding, especially in eastern Nebraska.
  3. Thankfully this rainfall will be light, with most totals adding up to less than one inch, but any additional rain will just make the problem worse since there is already an abundance of water causing the flooding in the area.
  4. The swollen rivers will take days to even weeks to recede, so this flooding emergency will not end any time soon, unfortunately.

Fluctuating Temperatures:

  1. As we go into this weekend and next week, no robust or wild weather pattern is expected with any big rises or dips in the jet stream. Instead, there will be a subtle transition into the warmer half of the year for the US.
  2. Every new storm system that forms will have an effect on the temperatures, but no extreme warmth or cold is expected.
  3. Due to this, temperatures will remain within 10 degrees of average across most areas, although there will be a more intense round of cold air that moves through much of the eastern US Monday into Tuesday.
  4. Warmer temperatures are on the way, and so is spring!

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