If you didn’t notice, our first launch last month didn’t go exactly as planned. We had a couple bugs, and we actually couldn’t handle all the traffic from the downloads right away (sort of a good problem to have). Not only that, but the app didn’t have all the features it needed to really follow through with our mission—helping you navigate your busy life without the weather interrupting your plans.

The good news is that over the last month, we’ve made some real changes. These include corrections to the bugs that annoyed us just as much as you, an ability to handle far more traffic, and new features designed to help you “weather the storm” everyday. Here’s what you can expect with our new release (now live on the App Store), and why you should download it.

The new app will have all the same standardized weather information as before. The current weather, the 5-day outlook, the radar, and a breakdown of detailed weather with how it may impact you on a daily basis all remains. This is all pretty standardized stuff that you can find on just about any weather app.

What makes the new app so special and different are the widgets we’ve developed (and the ones that we’ll add in the future). We’ve added both a school closing widget and an airport delay widget that use artificially intelligent, predictive technology to tell you just how likely it is that the weather will impact either your school or your travel. Our data team has worked tirelessly perfecting an algorithm that will continue to improve every week based on the outcomes, highlighting the chances that school will be closed or that your flight will be delayed/cancelled. It’s super simple for you to use. You can choose your school location, pick a date, and see how likely it is that school will close, delay or dismiss early. It’s much of the same for our airport delay widget, where you simply pick your departure and arrival airports, the timeframe, and then we can tell you the chances your flight will have a delay or if it will be cancelled completely. Over the coming weeks and months, this algorithm will continue to improve as we include more data, so whether you’re trying to decide if you should finish your homework on time for school the next day or looking to see if you should change your flight before traveling for the upcoming holidays, both of these widgets will make your life significantly easier.

We can’t discuss too much about the next two widgets we’ll be adding, but we can tell you they will cover the sports and business sectors. We expect this to be out by the end of Winter or early Spring 2018, just in time for baseball season and nicer weather. If you think the first two widgets are useful, you’ll definitely want to see the next two on deck.

As we promised in our press release a week back, we’ll be taking in all suggestions and feedback from you guys in the upcoming days and weeks to continue to tweak and perfect our app, making sure it’s what you guys want. Look for some feedback opportunities on social media later this week where you can tell us what you think!

We can’t wait!

IOS App Download: https://itunes.apple.com/ng/app/weatheroptics/id1316879309?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D2

Android App Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.weatheroptics.wo.android


Scott is the founder and CEO of WeatherOptics Inc, which he started as a weather forecasting content platform in 2010. In 2016, after gaining a substantial following, WeatherOptics began servicing the private sector using impact analytics driven by historical weather data. Since this pivot, Pecoriello has led the effort to combine consumer, business, utility, and weather data in order to redefine how WeatherOptics could change business perspective on the weather. As founder as well as the director of all day to day operations, Pecoriello has proven WeatherOptics to be an effective, fast-growing data analytics company that is actively changing the way businesses think and react to the weather.

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