As we close out the week, the Northeast continues to get slammed by flooding and high winds from a strong storm. After its passage, temperatures in the Northeast will go from 10 to 25 degrees above average today, back to average/below average temperatures Saturday. After a brief lull Sunday, a weak Alberta Clipper will drop light snow and rain over the region Sunday night into Monday.

This is the Friday edition of your Morning Briefing. Let’s dive right in.

Flooding and Flash Flooding Threats For Northeast Today:

  1. The onslaught of the storm yesterday brought heavy rain, with 1-2″ already fallen over most of the region. Another inch or two is still expected by the time the storm moves out of the region Saturday night.
  2. Rain will lighten up early this afternoon while in the warm sector, but as the cold front passes, heavier rain and isolated thunderstorms are possible. The heaviest rain could fall at 1″/hour and is expected to be over NE NJ, NYC, Western LI, and CT mid-afternoon.
  3. To the west, precip will be mostly snow by tonight, with accumulations of 2-3 inches expected.

After already dropping 1-2 inches of rain over the region last night, this system will continue pound the Northeast with wind and rain until moving out of the region Saturday night. As we go into the early afternoon, precip will likely taper off into a light to moderate drizzle. As the cold front passes, likely mid-late afternoon, heavier rain and isolated thunderstorms could drop an additional inch or two over parts of the region, with a heavier rain axis falling over NE NJ, NYC, Western LI, and CT. Most of the affected region is under a flood warning, but NYC remains under a flash flood watch until later this afternoon, due to poor drainage in many areas. After this, showers will continue into the night, with the dry slot expected near the coast to lower overall totals after tonight. To the west, precip will likely switch to snow by tonight with the onslaught of freezing temperatures. Snow accumulation is expected to be light, with only 1-2 inches expected across the region, with locally higher around of 3-4 inches possible for higher elevations.

Unseasonably High Temperatures for the Northeast Today:

  1. Temperatures are unseasonably warm for the Northeast today, at 10-25 degrees above average.
  2. Along the coast, temperatures can be expected above 60 degrees, while further inland and north, temperatures will likely only rise to about 40 or 50 this afternoon.
  3. More seasonable cold is coming! The Interior Northeast will see freezing temperatures at the surface as early as tonight. The rest of the region will finally see more average temperatures by Sunday, when a weak Alberta Clipper pulls colder, Canadian air into the region.

Before the deep upper-level trough plows through our region tonight, ridging high pressure will bring unseasonably warm temperatures of 10-25 degrees above average. Areas along the coast, and even up slightly inland will reach 60+ degrees today,possibly record-breaking for some areas for this time of year. Further inland, the Interior Northeast will see the cold shift first, with temperatures dropping below freezing as early as this afternoon. As high pressure moves out of the area, another low pressure system, a weak Alberta clipper, will push these warm temperatures completely out of the region with some light rain and snow Sunday night into Monday.

Weak Alberta Clipper To Drop Light Rain and Snow Sunday into Monday:

  1. A weak system, an Alberta Clipper, will move into the Northeast late Sunday, with light rain and snow to accompany it.
  2. Snow will dominate the interior Northeast and Great Lakes, while rain will be seen along the coast. For either, accumulations will be light.
  3. The storm will move offshore Monday, ushering in colder temperatures than earlier in the week.

A weak Alberta clipper will move over the Great Lakes Sunday and move over the Northeast Sunday night into Monday morning. As it passes, it will deliver light snow and rain to the region. Light snow showers over most of the Lower and Upper Great Lakes and Interior Northeast will only yield light accumulations. Rain over the coast will be mostly showers and drizzle, but flooding caused by the early weekend storm may enhance effects of even a little rain in urban and poor drainage areas. The storm will also bring colder temperatures into the region as it moves offshore late Monday.

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Kathleen is a Meteorologist at WeatherOptics, where she works writing content for the website, providing accurate and detailed forecasts to clients, and consulting on various meteorological projects. Kathleen earned her B.S. in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences in 2018 from Stony Brook University. Kathleen has also done research into our changing climate by investigating theRole of Atmospheric Rivers on Arctic Amplification in 2017.

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