This week’s record-breaking cyclone will continue to weaken as it reaches the East Coast today. After its passage, colder air will effectively drop temperatures and bring about a few light rounds of lake-effect snow.

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Scattered Thunderstorms Up and Down the East Coast:

  1. After getting a taste of Spring weather this week, the Northeast will finally see some excitement with the passage of the remnants of this week’s storm. Moderate rainfall up to 1.5″ in some areas will be paired with a chance for isolated thunderstorms up and down the coast.
  2. Much of the Northern Plains, and parts of the Mississippi remain flooded, and will remain flooded until well into next week. The Northeast will likely be spared much of this, with only some minor road and urban flooding to come today into this evening.
  3. Rainfall within developing thunderstorms, especially those that are severe, could be heavier, leading to higher local totals. Unlike the last few days, tornado development is not likely, but, the risk of some high wind gusts still remains. These gusts could cause some isolated damage near the coast today.

Temperatures Drop Back Below Average into Next Week:

  1. The passage of this storm will drop temperatures tonight after its associated cold front sweeps over the coast. This difference in temperature will be noticeable tomorrow, as temperatures drop to 10-15 degrees below average once again.
  2. As far south as NY and NJ, lows at night will dip below freezing again, and likely hover there until the middle of next week. Consistent flow aloft straight out of Canada will easily drop temperatures from the 50s and 60s the region felt all week.
  3. This pattern likely won’t change until Wednesday or Thursday of next week, when Spring-like temperatures will make an appearance once again.

Light Lake-Effect Snow this Weekend:

  1. Cold air and upper level energy darting over the Great Lakes this weekend, giving way for the possibility of lake-effect snow, and even a few rain showers today and tomorrow.
  2. Snow accumulations will be light, seeing as only a few brief rounds of light showers are expected over the region. About 1-3″ can be expected to have fallen by the end of the day tomorrow, with the greatest chance for any accumulation downwind of Lake Erie.
  3. Snow may turn to rain, especially Friday night further east, where temperature profiles are still too warm to support snowfall. Rain in these areas likely won’t be more than a drizzle, amounting to less than 0.5″ of rain.

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Kathleen is a writer and meteorological consultant at WeatherOptics. A recent graduate from Stony Brook University, Kathleen has earned her B.S. in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences. Previously, she has done research on the role of Atmospheric Rivers on Arctic Amplification and forecasted for local pages like SBU Weather.

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