The same powerful storm we’ve been watching all week has undergone record-breaking deepening over the last few days. After more flash flooding and blizzard conditions, this incredible storm will move out of the Central US today, weakening as it moves to the Northeast Friday.

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Days of Severe Weather and Flooding Continue:

  1. Trouble in the Central US now spreads further East today, encompassing the Ohio and Mississippi River Valleys with severe thunderstorm, tornado, and flooding threats.
  2. The biggest threats today will likely be possible tornado formation around the Ohio River Valley, as well as damaging straight line wind. Severe storms will likely form late morning to mid-afternoon, and within these storms, local rainfall totals could increase by up to an inch.
  3. Flooding up and down the Mississippi is expected to be exacerbated throughout the day today and into very early tomorrow, as up to 1.5 additional inches could drop over the region before Friday morning.
  4. Flash flooding remains a threat today over the Northern and Central Plains as well, despite the heaviest rains having passed. Ice jams, snow melt, and saturated soil will all be factors that could exacerbate flooding throughout the region well into early next week.

Blizzard Conditions Finally Die Down this Evening:

  1. Snowfall will finally come to an end tonight, along with the many Blizzard and Winter Storm Warnings that have been issued. Still, the final few inches will fall across the region, and high winds could still cause visibility issues with blowing snow.
  2. While the bulk of snow has finished falling overnight, there still remains some swaths of heavy snowfall this morning into this afternoon over parts of NE and SD. Additional snowfall amounts of 2-3″ could fall over the eastern portions of these states by tonight. Some ice may accumulate into this morning as well, making ice accretion totals reach up to 0.5″
  3. As roads begin to clear of snow, the biggest issue now is flooding from snow melt. Especially in areas where a there is a transition to rain later in the day, packed snow from an active Midwest winter could cause significant, and even flash, flooding of roads, rivers, and basements.

Northeast Temps Cool Back Down This Weekend:

  1. As this powerful storm approaches the East Coast, it will weaken significantly and bring only light to moderate rain into the Northeast. It will also aid in bringing temperatures back down closer to average this weekend, after today and tomorrow’s highs reach the 60s.
  2. This storm was remarkably strong, breaking low pressure records, but will finally begin to weaken today. The same cold front that has produced hail, damaging winds, and tornadoes in the Central US this week, will simply drop temperatures by 5-10 degrees this weekend across the region.
  3. In addition to dropping temperatures, up to an inch of rain will also fall over the Northeast Friday into early Saturday. This could cause some minor road and urban flooding overnight, but nothing that’s expected to be too disruptive.

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Kathleen is a writer and meteorological consultant at WeatherOptics. A recent graduate from Stony Brook University, Kathleen has earned her B.S. in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences. Previously, she has done research on the role of Atmospheric Rivers on Arctic Amplification and forecasted for local pages like SBU Weather.

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