Historic flooding will continue to ravage the Central US today, likely not ending for at least a few more days. In the meantime, the East experiences some quiet weather until the end of the week, with only Florida to get some heavy rain later today.

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Record-Breaking Flooding to Grip Central US for Days:

  1. The effects of last week’s powerful cyclone are still being felt over the Midwest and Mississippi Valley today. Historic flooding ravages neighborhoods, destroys property, and blocks roads for at least a few more days before river levels begin to significantly lower.
  2. The Central US will experience more rain this week, but it likely won’t contribute to any worse flooding for any areas. The main effect that we’re concerned with right now is that it will act to prolong the flooding for even longer.
  3. Satellite imagery shows incredible swelling of the Missouri, Mississippi, and Illinois Rivers as evidence of the major flood stages those rivers are in. Rivers will remain in a major flood stage for days, as we can only hope that a dry spell towards the end of the week acts to relieve the area of some water.
  4. In the meantime, it’s important to be up-to-date with local news on flooding if it affects your area. Knowing which roads will be closed off will be helpful in the morning, but if there is road flooding on your route, turn around, don’t drown!

Heavy Florida Rains Today:

  1. While the rest of the coast enjoys sunny skies, the Sunshine state will receive the most rain this week after some prolonged storms today and tomorrow.
  2. Rain will start early this afternoon, spreading west to east into the area as it slowly creeps across the Florida peninsula. Parts of the state could receive up to 5″ of rain with this prolonged line of storms.
  3. Local flooding is possible, but will likely remain minor, despite some heavy rain possible. Storms are not expected to become severe, but non-severe thunderstorms could increase local rainfall totals, increasing chances for urban and road flooding.

Overall Quiet Weather Over the East:

  1. The quasi-stationary pattern aloft will keep colder, but clear weather, over most of the East coast through the end of the week. Chilly temperatures will be all we have to worry about until a small storm Thursday evening into Friday pushes through.
  2. For the next few days, mostly to partly clear skies at night over much of the region will aid in radiational cooling at night, making sure nightly lows get well below freezing as far south as the Mid-Atlantic.
  3. These chilly temperatures, well below average for mid-March, will come to a grinding halt at the end of the week, when rain spreading across the region introduces much milder temperatures for the weekend.

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Kathleen is a Meteorologist at WeatherOptics, where she works writing content for the website, providing accurate and detailed forecasts to clients, and consulting on various meteorological projects. Kathleen earned her B.S. in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences in 2018 from Stony Brook University. Kathleen has also done research into our changing climate by investigating theRole of Atmospheric Rivers on Arctic Amplification in 2017.

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